Any way I can get the times to show up in the hundredths in the reports instead of the tenths? I am in the middle of an elementary track meet and the results are rounding up even though they are entered to the hundredths.

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Are you doing hand times or FAT? If you've got it set for hand times then it is doing the right thing... it SHOULD round up.

We are doing hand times. Why does it round up? We like to show times to the hundredth so parents can see how the ties are broken.

Hand times should always be rounded up to the next tenth and should never be reported beyond one digit. That is the rule.

Also we are having unlimited athletes from each team able to score and I have it set that way but it will only allow three.

On the setup tab there is a setting for "Individual Scorers Per Team/Event" and you can set that to 0 which is no limit.

It is set to 0 but it is still only allowing three.

Okay, I'll have to check that out... try setting it to something really high. you can set it up to 99

I used 99 and it appears to be working now.

The simple but not according to the rule book solution is to check the Fully Automatic Timing Button to keep the parents happy.  Hand timing should not be using the hundredths column to break apparent ties, people are just not that accurate or consistent.   

You are using a randomizer called imperfection -- it is contrary to rules and results in poor record keeping.  It is okay for kids to tie.

I agree that it is just an elementary meet but we had a lot of parents bugging me while I was in the booth wondering why their kid took fifth when they had the same time as the kid who took 2nd. They forget that this is just an opportunity to get outside and have a fun day with their classmates and families. Once I choose FAT, no more interruptions and I could concentrate on the meet. This was the first time I used Racetab for this meet and it made things so efficient! Only two requests: when doing results publication, wish I could have combined scores for just the division that we printed the results for; ex. print results for 1st grade 100 race and only have combined team scores for 1st grade. Secondly, when exporting out results, any way to have another version besides .txt? Hytek gives the option of converting to PDF which works great for emailing out the results. Even if it could be converted to Word. I could copy and paste .txt to Word or Excel, but it doesn't look as nice as the original.

There are freeware programs that print to .PDF files that you can download from the web.  You install them and then when you want to print a .PDF you chose that as the printer instead of your regular printer.  I find it just as easy as having the .PDF option in other programs. They also take less disk drive space than the CRYSTAL reports program option in a couple of other meet management programs ( not just Hy-Tek)  By the way .txt is opened in virtually all word processing programs across different operating systems.

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