Any way I can get the times to show up in the hundredths in the reports instead of the tenths? I am in the middle of an elementary track meet and the results are rounding up even though they are entered to the hundredths.

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I use pdf redirect v2.  Very nice freeware program for this and many other purposes.

I am so thankful that RaceTab doesn't use .pdf internally.  Printing a report in Hytek takes forever sometimes and it locks up the screen until you clear it.

Create divisions and then print only that division for the event and I think you will get what you want?  Or leagues.

I'm personally not a fan of PDF at all. I think the TXT or HTML works fine for printing, sending or posting. I'm not sure why any parent would have a problem viewing and printing one of those. But as others have said, can easily Print to PDF. I have used CutePDF (and others) in the past to do this but in Windows 8 at least it comes as a  printer option automatically without a third party app.

As far as breaking ties.... assuming you mean in different heats.... don't mean to keep giving you a hard time, but if you are breaking ties with hand times to two digits across heats, then the parents SHOULD give you a hard time because there is NO way to break ties accurately. They should be left tied. Hand times should never never ever never be reported to two digits. They should be rounded up to the next tenth. The human eye/hand/mind coordination is not accurate or consistent enough. Even to the tenth it is not, but it is generally accepted to the tenth.

If you are breaking ties with the hand reading to the 100th of a second, then as Don said, you might as well be using a randomizer to break the ties.

About your other requests with team scores, Amy, maybe you want to send me your meet file? I think you can filter the results by whatever division (if you set up each grade into different divisions) and I think it should only do team scores for that division.

Can the Results be exported as excel file.

If you export the data as a .CSV file the program Excel , and most other database and spread sheet programs can import the data.

Hi John

It gives me option only to export as a txt file, how to export as a .CSV file

Go to the results reports. And you can choose CSV and various other formats

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