"I can't get logged in. Getting a message that says: Racetab not able to communicate to milesplit to verify your username. It says to check with IT department for firewall settings, I did and they are not issue?  Any help on this?

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Did you ever get an answer for this problem? I'm having the same issue.

I am having the same issue.  I've tried it on 3 devices - 3 networks - and turn all firewalls on and off.  No idea how to log into RaceTab?!?

Never got it resolved. I actually just had to used an excel spread sheet.

I've had people use older versions of the software when they run into these types of problems. I  prefer to have schools set up their own meets and I just run a timing camera.  Several schools still use V3.49, it seems to work well and on older "disposable" netbook computers that don't get put on the schools network


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