Attempting to upgrade to the latest.  I set up a meet and know I need to create a folder or something to get times from.

I went to sources, selected FAT camera, selected EagleEye and the folder where the update should go.

The folder was created on the desktop; no evt file. Thus, cannot import into Eagle Eye to time, etc.

Let me know what step I am missing. 

I have used Racetab with Eagle Eye before and never had an issue.

Next, the one thing that drives me away from Racetab is the 'scratch' you get if you get times and the file is not there. Instead of getting a msg saying file not found or something, it scratches all and then you have to put in the lanes, etc.. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. 

Thanks for any assistance. 

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Same area where you selected the camera there is an export. That is where you export the event files to the scoring folder. 

Never used Eagle eye, but I think it is close to flash. We use the lynx export. 

I sometimes have to force it to export the lynx files. However usually when you seed and save it creates them.

Totally agree on your comment regarding should say "times not found".

Thanks. In the past, all you had to do is set the pathway and it saved automatically. I kept at it last night and could get it in half the time. Thanks, once again

Can you explain this issue to me about "Times not found"? I'm not aware of this problem and don't fully understand the steps.

I had something that might be what they are talking about. 

in flash I would get the times and save them. then when you open racetab and go to that event the times are there. Well sometimes they are not there. I have not found a reason or pattern as to why yet but I am watching for it. 

I would just go back into flash re-save the times, go back to racetab leave that event and comeback or just skip that heat for now and after a few other heats the times would be there.

I have not seen it but can try to duplicate. I took Freddie at her word.

So it goes like this, you go to heat two and it has actually not been run yet, you manually import the non-existent times, it marks that heat as all scratched. In other software you get a notice that that file doesn't exist.

Okay that isn't doing it when I try.

So Freddie tell em more!

For example, you are heat three of the 100 and you 'get times' or score but you OOPS forgot to save the times from Eagle Eye.  So, when you click to get times or score, it marks all scratches.

Obviously, you should not forget to save times, :) but sometimes we do.  

Not sure how LYNX works but in EagleEye, you time the event and hit 'save times'.  The times are then in a folder shared with the scoring computer.  

Then, you get times and they drop in, etc.. That is when the problem arises-- if for some reason I forget to save the times to the shared folder, it will scratch all at that point.

What get times button? Are you on a current version?

I guess on the newer version you just hit score.  Attached is the database I was playing around with and the file folder for importing. Maybe due to a date conflict with newer version?  You will see in heat one of the girls I hit 'score' and it scratched them all?  

Take care


I see, score scratches remaining athletes in current heat ... AND REMOVES their lanes. Why would it remove the lanes? If there are no results it should at least ask I suppose. I think score is only intended to be hit at the end of the event when all athletes who participated have results ... but ... it could be hit on accident.

True on all of it.  Even if event was finished and you did forget to save times, it will scratch the runners and delete their lanes.  No idea obviously, But it is the one big draw back for me at times although I love RT in general.  Yet, when you are at a big meet and a hundred things are going on, you just may forget a step. It should not cause you to do a bunch of extra work, etc.  Obviously, I do my best NOT to score, get times or whatever is necessary but it does happen sometimes.  Thanks for the attempt anyway.

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