Attempting to upgrade to the latest.  I set up a meet and know I need to create a folder or something to get times from.

I went to sources, selected FAT camera, selected EagleEye and the folder where the update should go.

The folder was created on the desktop; no evt file. Thus, cannot import into Eagle Eye to time, etc.

Let me know what step I am missing. 

I have used Racetab with Eagle Eye before and never had an issue.

Next, the one thing that drives me away from Racetab is the 'scratch' you get if you get times and the file is not there. Instead of getting a msg saying file not found or something, it scratches all and then you have to put in the lanes, etc.. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. 

Thanks for any assistance. 

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Yeah...I haven't found a setting that makes it NOT auto-score, but I haven't dug super deep.  Just the obvious settings...

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