Attempting to upgrade to the latest.  I set up a meet and know I need to create a folder or something to get times from.

I went to sources, selected FAT camera, selected EagleEye and the folder where the update should go.

The folder was created on the desktop; no evt file. Thus, cannot import into Eagle Eye to time, etc.

Let me know what step I am missing. 

I have used Racetab with Eagle Eye before and never had an issue.

Next, the one thing that drives me away from Racetab is the 'scratch' you get if you get times and the file is not there. Instead of getting a msg saying file not found or something, it scratches all and then you have to put in the lanes, etc.. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. 

Thanks for any assistance. 

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OK, worked on it again for an hour or so.  NO IDEA what I did different, but now it is not scratching the individual heats.. Maybe the 'itch' went away!!  :) I do not know. I will try it again tomorrow or Friday with a camera.  Still, should not 'scratch' all if accidentally hit score, though.  

If you have the newest version it doesn't have the get times button. It auto pulls the times in (mostly) and if there are no times in there, their would be no reason to hit score? My version has been auto scoring as well I think. So I have not had that issue. When you hit score and there is no time listed I would think you would want them scratched? 

I think a safety pop up note might be in order - like "No times for this heat do you want to scratch everyone?" but if you have one time in place then no pop up maybe?

In my opinion, you would want them scratches because they don't have a result and you are asking to score, but it should maybe warn you AND definitely not wipe out lane assignments in case it was a mistake and you then wanted to load the times.

Jasen, you can still manually pull/push to Lynx with the "Get Times" option when you right click on the camera icon in the top. It is no longer on the events tab like you said.

I would need reproduction steps for Freddie's problem. If there is no file to get, it should simply not get anything. It shouldn't trigger any scratches. I'm not saying Freddie isn't saying something that at least may have happened in previous versions... just saying I need steps of how it would happen. It may be simply something that is no longer an issue in newer versions.

I did work on it more last night. Could be using Eagle Eye is some of the differences.  I also started re watching the Jan instruction video which helped.  To get times, they do not just 'pull in' for me anyway. I still have to rt click on FAT icon and get them and hit refresh.

The good news once I used the identical steps a few times and hit 'get times' on heats I deliberately left out of the folder, it did not scratch. It simply left things blank.

As for scoring and getting scratches, I agree you should not hit score until all heats are done. However, sometimes when super busy and being asked a million questions at a meet, someone may think they are all done.  

So, still working on it. I was using the last version.  I am in a few downloading the one released today.  I was using 4.20, I guess was the last one.

Thanks for all the ideas, help, etc. 

Hey Freddie!  We use Eagle Eye, as well.  I've been messing with 4.20 for a bit, but haven't updated to 4.21 yet.  We use a multi-computer (four to be exact) set-up. Here is my set-up process.

I have created a folder on the desktop of my Timing Computer (TC) and call it "Shared Meet Files and Times".  I actually "Map" this as my X: drive.  This is SUPER helpful for me when it comes to finding it later. I create a sub-folder for each meet, so I am always only using the X: drive.

In Racetab...

-Set-up the meet then set-up Eagle Eye as my FAT source and browse to the "Shared" folder as my destination.

-I then choose "export" and select Lynx to create my .evt and save it to the appropriate folder (whatever meet I am hosting) in my "Shared" folder.

-I open EE, go to the "Race Results" tab and choose "import".  I navigate to my "Shared" meet folder and the .evt is in the subfolder that I exported it into.  I select it and click "Open".  My events/entries populate into Event Information.

-I always place a dummy event, so that I can test run the camera.

-After test running the camera, I chose "Save Times..." and select the "Shared" folder (or sub folder within...wherever my .evt file is) and save the .lif to there

-Following that, I have no issues getting times into RT.  

I don't click "score" or "get times" (doesn't exist anymore).  Usually, when I "Save Times..." in EE, I hear a "beep" on my "Scoring Computer".  Then I click the "refresh" icon just under the event name.  It basically serves the same purpose as scoring.

I haven't run into any issues with the scratches in the last few iterations of RT.  I do sometimes get an issue if the times get pulled into RT prior to finishing entering in all of the athletes/bib numbers.  It displaces the athletes into separate cells...this almost never happens.  When it does, I simply clear the marks/times, edit the bibs, then import the times again.  Sometimes (can't figure our why) I have to re-save the appropriate .lif for RT to "see" the results again.

Hopefully I understood your question correctly and didn't just tell you something you already know...this just seems to be a good method for us :)

Actually, I never thought to just hit refresh!!  I was still going to the FAT icon, right clicking and using get times!  I will try it later with just the refresh button. Thanks.  You did clarify things. I just hope it works for me!!  Later and thank you again.

I don't click "score" or "get times" (doesn't exist anymore).  Usually, when I "Save Times..." in EE, I hear a "beep" on my "Scoring Computer".  Then I click the "refresh" icon just under the event name.  It basically serves the same purpose as scoring.

I do not get the beep; I must go to the FAT icon, right click, select get times, then refresh.  So, no idea why. Thanks though for the idea to try. If that disappears, I would be in trouble!!  Later

Sorry to hear.  A couple of questions...

How many computers are you using?  Under the Advanced setting when you set up your FAT source, what boxes are checked?  If you are running multiple computers, have you tried "mapping" the folder as opposed to just placing the files in it?

There is a box under the advanced tab that says something about only having RT push to EE, not pull...I'm wondering if there might be something there.  I think if you uncheck it, the communication goes both ways.  Maybe there is something there...

I only use one scoring computer. We do not do the 'big meets' per se. I did not check the push/pull button since that seemed more LYNX to me. Wondering if I need to update frame networks but the computer I am using is not that old?  No idea. I just can right click on icon and 'get times' for now. I would prefer to not use HYTEK to be honest. Will keep working on it. Thanks

Hmmm...I'll try messing around with my settings and see if I can make it replicate your situation when I get some time, but it might be a couple of days.  I know that when this discussion started you didn't have a meet file.  Now that you do, you might want to send it Jason's way and see what he can find.  I'll let you know if I can sort anything out.  I know not many of us on here are using Eagle Eye so our resources are pretty limited, but I can tell you that I've got it working on this end.  Good luck!

Just an update. Reverted back to using RT tonight from HYTEK this season. All the things you said as for the 'beeping' etc worked tonight, evt file showing up fine, etc.  

However, this happened and not sure supposed to:

Timed in Eagle Eye, saved the file to the folder set for times, imported times into RT via a file sync (we do not network since I have had too many problems with that), heard the beep, times were there on refresh, etc. 

However as time entered, they showed scored, also. I had to unscore and then score again to get it to score.

Not a big deal, but it was raining, ALL field events showed up at the same time!!, there were 13 teams on a six lane track (6 heats of almost all laned races), a school night, etc.. Just a little extra step that could be forgotten when all is going on!

So, any idea what I am NOT doing, etc. would be appreciated.

Thanks for all the help.

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