After downloading MS Net framework 4.0 and RaceTab, Racetab will not open...a box comes up saying: "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application." I am using XP, ....this is my FinishLynx computer...I have reloaded both of these downloads and restarted the computer with the same results.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Roland,

I used to have this same problem on my Windows XP computers.  The problem is that you did not install NET framework 3.5.  Although installing 4.0 may seem like it would be backwards compatible, it appears to be slightly different, as said by Microsoft:

By default, an application runs on the version of the .NET Framework that it was built for. If that version is not present and the application configuration file does not define supported versions, a .NET Framework initialization error may occur. In this case, the attempt to run the application will fail.

Therefore you should download .NET Framework 3.5, which Racetab was built on. I attached the download link Here

Great Solution!...this worked perfectly...

Wow, great tip!

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