Is there any way to automatically assign each team a range of bib numbers?  Basically I would like to automatically assign the range 1-99 to one team, 100-199 to the next, etc., so that there are extra empty bib numbers and any late entries could still have a bib number with their team.  

I'm not sure of a logical name for the option, but it would be neat if you could set a block/interval size, so that the interval would start at the next even multiple of that value.  Something like team A with 63 athletes would get the range 1-80 and team B with 17 athletes would get 81-100 if the interval size was 20.

Thanks, Charles

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I am not sure about the interval. But you can set a team's range in the Assign Bib Window.  Just select team and the numbers you want them to have.  If you have Team A for 1-99 and only have 45 registered for that team, when you select Team B just type in 100 on the right of the screen where it says First Number, etc.  Once again, this is all I know.  No idea on actual pre set intervals. 

Freddie is correct. You can do all of this (one team at a time) and a lot more in the Assign Bib Number window.

Does this also work if I have a set of non-sequential bib numbers for an event, e.g. 400-600, 1000-1200?

in the program you are actually assigning the numbers the program is just adding 1 to the last assigned from the team list, then you leave a small set of numbers for late entries for the team. You then set the starting point for the next team. so it does not matter if you are using non- sequential blocksof numbers.  but make sure you have enough numbers in each block of sequential numbers to allow for the extra unassigned numbers you plan on per team.

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