I was doing a test setup for advancing runners from prelims to finals and am having trouble getting the correct athletes advanced.  I have the 100m dash setup with 3 heats of prelims and 1 final.  I entered times for all the prelims and scored those.  I then went to seed the finals using 2 by place and the rest by time.  I purposely entered times so that the fastest times were all in Heat 3 - so I would know which kids should be pulled by times.  After the kids are seeded who finished first and second, the additional finalists by time should be from heat 3.  However, Racetab is seeding the next fastest time in Heat 3 and then the next fastest time from Heat 2 (which there are 5 kids in heat 3 who have a faster time).  Am I doing something wrong?  I have 'Lane Preference' selected.  I also tried this with 1 by place and the rest by time.  It pulled the first place finishers from each heat and then the next fastest time in heat 3, next fastest time in heat 2, next fastest time in heat 1, next fastest time in heat 3, next fastest time in heat 2.  (Based on actual times entered - all the by time finalists should've been from heat 3.)  The test meet file is attached.

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Screenshot of the seed screen is attached as well.  Heat 2 'by time' qualifier is seeded at 11.3, but you can see in the unassigned that Heat 3 athletes that did not qualify had 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, etc.


I've had this issue as well and have just double checked it by hand to make sure that it was correct.  I ran a meet a couple years ago and didn't catch that till after the finals, thankfully the coach understood. 

Is there any solution for this, Can we find the correct finalist by time. I have noticed the same problem, It is showing the best losers in all heats and not selecting as per best timings.

Any one has any solution for this problem

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