I have two topics that I am trying to get resolved -- (1) I was helping another coach with a meet setup that was planning on running Prelims and Finals. I went and set up that I wanted 2 rounds and set the number of heats I wanted. but when I went in to seed there was no place for advancers.  it should had been under the lanes/position drop down box.

(2) I have also been looking at a way not to score a B, C, or other relays - I have went to the setup screen and selected score 1 relay and it is still scoring the other relays.

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I have found a work around for not scoring the B,C relays. I did the same thing with selecting score 1 relay but it was scoring all the teams. What I did is right click on the screen where the times are showing and a window comes up that has the option to select show exhibition column. Select that and then select the box in the relay team(s) that you want to show the times for but not score points for. On the results it will show the time but will show "X" in stead of points

I'll have to look into the relay scoring thing. I thought that was something fixed in 3.91 but possibly not.

As far as prelims/finals... if you have the event set up with two rounds, once all heats of the prelims are scored, the round is marked completed internally, and when you seed that event it will then seed the advancers.

I'm glad I'm not the only one having an issue with this, too.  I have been trying to score a meet, but teams keep having their B & C relays scored, which throws off the total team score.

Thanks, Jason.  

The multiple relay bug has been fixed in 3.93

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