Used 4.21 to time a Relay meet with 15 teams, and about 1500 entries.  There where a few issues that popped up, mostly with reports.

1. In field events NH (No Height) shows up above the winning athletes. Scratches do not, and this is not an issue with running events.

2. During DMR Relay someone turned off the power to our scoreboard and we lost power to camera.  We got place but not time.  Racetab did not award points for place when NT was listed for the Mark.  I would think it should.

3. Team results do not distinguish between genders. Instead of Women's Varsity, and Men's Varsity both say Varsity.

4. I had 4 computers networked using mapped drives.  Racetab running on 3 of them, Camera only on fourth.  Racetab was very slow and had to be restarted several times.

5. When seeding, even though I indicated in set up that we have a 9 lane straightaway - Racetab defaulted seeding for the 100 to 8 lanes.

6. Could not get live results to work. Did get the meet program to show up online but not at but at a much longer URL found in the liveresults menu.  Actual results did not show, I used live results last year before the live.milesplit site was updated - not sure if there is a greater issue.

7. For the Mile and 100 dash I selected not to score the events in the event's set up menu, but Racetab keeps defaulting to the overall set up menu scoring option.  The meet is a relay and we run separate 100 and Mile events by class no score, then seed a Championship 100 based on top 2 from each class.  Only Championship scores.

8. When printing results from event menu, it does not show overall score, only score from that event.  (1 Event Scored)  I would think it should pull a total score.

9. This one's my fault - put an extra comma into the string of scores for individual place and Racetab did not like that.  Came up with an error every time I tried to pull a report.  Couldn't get reports printed until I got home and realized what I did. 

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Timed a seeded on the fly double dual yesterday with Flashtiming.  Disabled websockets and lag time does seem to have disappeared.

Also, unlike others I had no issues with double dual scoring.

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